Surprise during sampling at Sagamore

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Hi everyone, I wanted to share my surprise during sampling yesterday. I walked towards the shallow well to check for vandalism, and I noticed the vegetation had thickened so much that seeing the ground required pushing plants aside. So as I bent down, and pushed stems aside, I startled a furry, brown animal the size of a ground hog. I was so excited. The animal moved into denser vegetation immediately. I didn’t want to follow and fully identify it, out of fear for stepping on it or running it out of its protective cover. So I left that section of the site alone and removed much of the litter in it by picking it out from the outside border. I was very happy to see a large animal make use of the vegetation. For all I know, the animal has made the place its home, so I need to be careful during further samplings. And I also wanted to make sure the engineers that go to Sagamore were aware of its presence. –Ashley

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