Rain fed irrigation…. and colfax

by Franco Montalto No Comments

Something I wanted to share… I grow a bunch of different vegetables in my backyard and so far this year, I have not had to irrigate them once with the hose. We are fortunate (in this sense) that we live in a region of the world where precipitation is frequent and regular. In some parts of the world (like the US southwest), the humidity and sunlight may be ideal for growing vegetation, but plants will only go if you irrigate them… I’d love to know when (if ever) the plants at any of the sites you are monitoring start to wilt. It would be interesting to see if we could identify a particular number of days without rain when the vegetation at all of the sites seems to be stressed…. My prediction is that Colfax plants will wilt before any of the others… any of you want to guess why I say that?

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