Meadow Lake

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I still don’t have access to the site, as the fence is still there and locked. There’s a lot of litter in the area around the site: mostly food wrappers, bottles, and cans. There were also bandaids and tissues. From what I could see at a distance of the site, the plants seem to be establishing slowly. The water levels have gone down since last week and seem healthier. A lot of birds use the site. There may have been mice in the grass around the area, because I would hear something shifting the grass whenever I stepped on a dry leaf.

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  1. Emily Pronchik

    Thanks for the update. We will look into if the fence has been removed yet and, if not, try and get it removed soon! It’s great to hear that wildlife is using the site though!

    The important thing now is to pay close attention to how the plants are establishing. Too much of this rain may cause some of the plants on the slope to uproot.

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