Intense rain yesterday

by Franco Montalto 2 Comments

All, we had some intense rain last night in philadelphia, after 2 days of intense heat…. not sure if you got the same in NYC, but did anyone make any observations about how the most recent sequence of weather seems to have affected your sites? Were there more or less people out during the extreme heat? Did 1-2 days of extreme heat seem to hurt the vegetation?

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  1. CitizenScientist

    I recall that the Sagamore site on June 26 was very dry, much of the understory vegetation was mowed down. I assumed it was parks maintenance, but couldn’t the uprooted vegetation also increase soil desiccation? My guess is both intense heat and plant removal contribute.

  2. CitizenScientist

    Sorry I forgot to say my name for the above comment – Ashley

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