Did You Know That Civil Engineers Are Awesome?

by KirbyDossCS


What are YOU so passionate about that you can’t stop talking about it? That you stay up all hours of the night, working relentlessly to do better? Where you feel like you can make a unique contribution that makes the world a better place?

For me, it’s civil engineering. I am extremely excited to be a Civil Engineer and I will tell you why.  In my high school we had a four-year engineering program I was a part of, during my junior year I took a Civil Engineering/ Architecture class.  I loved everything that I did in that class, from surveying to designing buildings in AutoCAD Revit, and then creating 3-D models of the design.  At first I interpreted this love to mean I should be an Architect.  However, when I was touring architecture programs at colleges I discovered that it was not the fit for me.  I wanted to design building and bridges, but be on the math and engineering side of it.  Thus, I found the field of engineering that fit what I love to do.

Have you ever gotten bored with a project, or wanted to change what you are doing in life? That is another main reason I am excited to be a Civil Engineer.  It is due to the fact that this particular field of engineering is full of possibilities and different disciplines.  There is a never ending list of what you can do with a Civil Engineering degree.  I adore bridges and building, especially older ones, therefore I want to work with those.  Nonetheless, if I get bored there are still so many options for me to change to, such as: public facilities, water and energy systems and even Environmental Engineering.  With all of these disciplines within Civil Engineering you still get the satisfaction of seeing the results of your work at the end of the day.

My name is Dianna Vogel and I am a Civil Engineering student at Drexel University.

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