Did You Know That Artists And Designers Are Using Sculpture To Try To Raise Awareness About Water Quality In NYC?

by Alex Gilliam 1 Comment


Can a massive floating orb made from umbrellas and trash that often find their way into New York water ways raise awareness about water quality in in the City? Alexander Levi and Amanda Schacter think so. Their Harvest Dome 2.0 is made from 450 discarded umbrellas and empty plastic water bottles from around NYC and is currently floating in an inlet near Inwood Hill Park. It’s undoubtedly pretty but do you think it does the job of raising awareness? Does it cause people to at least look at the water in new ways? What do you think? Share your ideas below and check out more images of the dome here.

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  1. CitizenScientist

    Maybe if it was more clearly made out of trash/found materials. Then people would think more about all the things that end up in our water, rather than just admire how pretty it is. There are bio-sculptures that actually filter the water and look pretty so those are at least more functional.

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