Day At Colfax

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When me and my brother went back to the site it was cleaner than last year. Me and my brother couldn’t, wait to start working again. Even though Colfax is a small site we meet some of the neighbors that was there and became really close friends. When we was in stores people stopped and asked us did we worked at the Colfax site. We really gain more knowledge on how we can benefit from this job and now we can’t wait to learn even more.
Joiada & Josiah

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  1. CitizenScientist

    Joiada and Josiah, this is Ashley. I’ve sampled at Sagamore 3 times so far, and I get stares from a lot of people. When you met the neighbors around the Colfax site, did you start up a conversation with them or did they ask questions of you first. Because even though I smile and say hello, people don’t speak to me about what I’m doing. I’ve been meaning to learn from people in the area. Also what have you learned about your site from the neighbors you interact with?

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