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Hi everyone, I apologize for the delay in data collection for Carroll and Poppenhusen. But I’m back and ready to work. I’m sad to see the NY reps returning to Drexel and the program coming to a close. I enjoyed their counsel throughout the program. It is my understanding that we finish sampling September 24. If anyone knows otherwise, please correct me. Today, I was acclimated to the Poppenhusen site with Jeff. He showed me where the intakes and the wire connections were. I have to say, this site is quite pleasant. For those who don’t know, I just figured out that Poppenhusen was the nation’s first kindergarten ever! Jeff told me today, so cool. It had this lovely backyard/courtyard with really old trees encircling the lawn which was speckled with cute benches and chairs. I wished more of NYC was like this, with more intimate green spaces sheltered from the sounds of the city. in the future, I’m definitely going to live in an area where those spaces are available.

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