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Challenge #12 | Give A Tour Of Your Site.
Time: 60-120 minutes
Materials Needed: You!

Sometimes the best way to help others understand the importance of what you are doing is to simply show them, to let them experience what you are talking about. Your final challenge is to take at least three people (this can be on separate occasions) to your green urban infrastructure site; give them a tour; get them excited and explain why the site is important; and share their reactions on the Journal.

You can take your visitors to the site either as individuals or as a group, it’s up to you. You may even want to bring along some of the work that you have created through these challenges or get them to help you conduct your measurements.

1. Identify at least three people that you really think should know about what you’ve been working on and/or who might be interested in this project.

2. Take them to your site and give them the full tour. Get them super excited about what you are doing!

3. Take a posed picture of them on the site. What were their reactions to the project? Create a short Journal entry describing the experience and their reactions.

You know your job is complete when…..

You have completed steps 1, 2, and 3; and uploaded your photograph and brief Journal entry to the website.

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