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Challenge #6 | Where Does Your Water Come From?

Time: 60-120 minutes

Materials Needed: computer, your choice

Where does your water come from? You may create a drawing, a model, or a short Journal post to answer this question. Start by watching this awesome movie created by teenagers in NYC.

1. Watch the movie.

2. Then create a map that shows how water gets into your green infrastructure site. Does water just come in as rain? Does it flow in over the sidewalk? Does it come in through a hole in the curb? If it comes in through the curb, from where did that water come from? Is it just rain that fell on the street? Or are their building downspouts that drain into the street? If there are downspouts, what types of surfaces do they drain? Can you map out the total drainage area of your site on a map?

You know your job is complete when…..
You have completed steps 1 + 2 and you have documented what you created and uploaded it to the website.

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