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Challenge #5 | Welcome To The Neighborhood!

Time: 45-60 minutes

Materials Needed: 81/2 x 11 paper, pencils, color pencils/markers

Your site is not an island. No matter how small your site is, it has an impact on not just the immediate sewers but on buildings, parks, and waterways many blocks and miles away. Your challenge is to:

Create a drawing that shows us where your site is located in your neighborhood from a birds eye view. You are welcome to have a look at Google maps to help you out but start off by working from memory.
Where do you live or go to school (or both)?

Where are your favorite places in the neighborhood?

Where do you hang out with friends or family? Play sports? Relax?

Where are your least favorite places?

What places are particularly noisy, busy, or dirty?
Where are there lots of trees, grass, or water?

Which areas, like your green infrastructure site, do you think help improve the environment and positively control stormwater?

Which local sites attract the most foot traffic?

Which regions are the most isolated?

Which areas have the most wild vegetation?

Which areas have the least vegetation?
Have you added labels to explain everything above?
Have you added color to help everyone better understand everything?

You know your job is complete when…..

You have done your very best drawing, taken a photograph of your drawing, and uploaded your photograph to the Journal section of website. Make sure you include your name. If you are having trouble writing a Journal post or uploading your files, please email your photograph / drawing to swredrexel@gmail.com.

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