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Challenge #3 | Make-Your-Own Well Measuring Device

Time: 60 minutes

Materials Needed: mini-moisture detector, 9-volt battery, alligator clip leads, intercom wire/cable, lead weight, tape measure, scissors or a sharp knife, tape

Believe it or not, you don’t need a lot of fancy, expensive tools to do many of the experiments on your green infrastructure site. In fact, you can make many of them from basic supplies that are available at most hardware stores. Today, you are going to make a device for measuring the water level in the well on your site.
Make your own water level measurer for the well on your site. With your supplies, follow the instructions on this how-to video by Matt Kuchta. When you have completed making your well measuring device, visit your site and test it out.

1. Did you visit your site and test your device?

2. Did you take a picture of your device in action?

3. Have you created submitted a short online Journal entry about making and testing your device?

You know your job is complete when…..

You have completed steps 1, 2, and 3, including taking a photograph of your device and uploaded it to the website (as a Journal entry), with a brief description of how your device worked when you tested it. If you are having trouble writing a Journal post or uploading your photograph, please email your photograph and a description of your device’s performance to swredrexel@gmail.com.

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