Challenge 4

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I am going to be honest this challenge was hard. Between school and my brother getting injured again there was some difficulties. I know that there is no accurate way of telling the weather because everything can just make a u-turn. We did do the challenge and we predicted that the next day it was going to be sunny. We was half right, in the morning it was sunny and warm. We did no expected the rain that was a twist. We used tea and all the bubbles went to one side the right side. We thought that it was going to be sunny. We also don’t drink coffee either co I predictions could have been mess up from that. I believe that if there was another substance that we could have made, I believe that it could have been a better possibly to predict the weather and we didn’t need the weather channel.

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  1. CitizenScientist

    Hi guys, this is Ashley. You’re right, weather is variable. But most of our knowledge of air mass movements and pressure systems allow us to use computer models to predict what’s coming our way. Computer simulations are more informative, of course, than this coffee exercise, but we can still see how atmospheric pressure affects even the littlest things like bubbles in a cup. If you start drinking tea more often, keep an eye on the bubbles in the morning. See if you can get the weather right. It’s not perfect, but you can get the general pattern of weather for the day.

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