Cahllenge 4 by Ashley Bruno

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I brewed a cup of coffee this morning. And after pouring the black coffee, I watched as the bubbles moved to the edge of the cup quickly. I added cream and saw the same thing. According to the Instructable, the weather should then be sunny and clear. My prediction is correct because today’s temperature will be high 50’s to mid 60’s with sunny skies and 0% precipitation. Coffee bubble patterns predict weather for the same reason people with sensitive joint pain can. Barometric pressure in the atmosphere affects the movement of gases. High pressure systems result in sunny, clear skies because two air masses come together moving upward away from earth’s surface taking atmospheric moisture (clouds) away. In contrast, low pressure systems result in stormy skies because two air masses converge directly downward on the Earth’s surface creating moisture build-up (clouds). High pressure is like a gas vaccuum on the ground hence the bubbles rush to the first hindrance (in this case, the edge of the cup). Low pressure is like a heavy gaseous blanket that settles on the ground leaving no room to move. This is why the bubbles do not move in the cup and why people with arthritis feel pain on their joints (from the overall weight of the blanket).
Strengths: this method is almost 100% reliable. It’s a simple way of framing a concept as complex as meteorology.
Weaknesses: this prediction method is pointless if you don’t understand how it occurs. Also, you might not get the correct bubble pattern If the centrifugal force from stirring is too strong. Watch the bubbles before you stir. 

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