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This is the first time I have been to Meadowlake on an overcast day with light occasional rain. There were unusual bird species there: tree swallows and a blue-winged teal instead of mallards. The plants seem to be establishing very well in some patches, and poorly in others. Most of the reed-like grasses are doing average or thriving. The plant life that is consistently in pooling (each of the 4 weeks I’ve visited) seems to be more polarized; some are thriving, others have brown dry leaves. Again, the reed grasses are doing fairly well, but those with distinct stems and leaves are doing poorly.

Nashville/ Colfax

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Today at Colfax we found a wig laying around in the street along the site. It was weirs and unusual. Today at Nashville we had an interaction with a senior resident in the area. She began to explain to me that a lot of the residents in the Nashville area are complaining about the maintenance of the site. They say that the plants in the site are growing to large and that they would like for someone to come and trim the plants at the site.


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I was excited to see that the lysimeter was put back together and working. However the scale inside the box still seems to be out of order.

Meadow Lake

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I still don’t have access to the site, as the fence is still there and locked. There’s a lot of litter in the area around the site: mostly food wrappers, bottles, and cans. There were also bandaids and tissues. From what I could see at a distance of the site, the plants seem to be establishing slowly. The water levels have gone down since last week and seem healthier. A lot of birds use the site. There may have been mice in the grass around the area, because I would hear something shifting the grass whenever I stepped on a dry leaf.


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While at my last visit, many people tend to stare at me for a few seconds to watch what i’m doing. No one really says anything though. Not too much happens at the site. Tomorrow I will be visiting the site after a few days of rain. I hope to see some interesting things within the site.