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Challenge 9 post by Ashley Bruno

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I decided to compare weather and temperature against soil moisture and vegetation health in my graph. The weather is represented by the sun or cloud symbol, and the thick grass background represents the constant healthy vegetation observed on each day. I realized afterwards that I should have switched the y-axes, so that weather was at the top. It would’ve made more sense for the viewers. In terms of patterns, nothing about this data is conclusive since the sampling is done qualitatively and in such a short stint. However, on the 16th, you can see that soil moisture increased on a cloudy day with cooler temperatures. That’s a reasonable observation; it follows that cooler temperature promotes condensation of moisture in the sky and soil. Also, clouds imply low pressure which discourages the chance of evaporation. Another observation seen in the graph is that soil moisture remained average or above average allowing for the continued health of the vegetation. Were the moisture to drop, we would probably see a drop in the vegetation’s health soon after.

Coming back to work

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Hi everyone, I apologize for the delay in data collection for Carroll and Poppenhusen. But I’m back and ready to work. I’m sad to see the NY reps returning to Drexel and the program coming to a close. I enjoyed their counsel throughout the program. It is my understanding that we finish sampling September 24. If anyone knows otherwise, please correct me. Today, I was acclimated to the Poppenhusen site with Jeff. He showed me where the intakes and the wire connections were. I have to say, this site is quite pleasant. For those who don’t know, I just figured out that Poppenhusen was the nation’s first kindergarten ever! Jeff told me today, so cool. It had this lovely backyard/courtyard with really old trees encircling the lawn which was speckled with cute benches and chairs. I wished more of NYC was like this, with more intimate green spaces sheltered from the sounds of the city. in the future, I’m definitely going to live in an area where those spaces are available.

A watershed?

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Hello citizens,

I just can’t believe how many things one can learn by been a citizen Scientist. Some of you may or may not know what is a “watershed.” I must say i did not had the sliest idea of what was this all about.
check this site out.